"True Spirit of XJ13" Unveiled by JD Classics at 2024 Retromobile, Paris - January 2024

Retromobile Paris, January 30th, 2024

JD Classics proudly announced the Official Launch of the one and only "True Spirit of XJ13" a masterpiece that has captured the essence of the iconic Jaguar XJ13, making its first public appearance at the prestigious 2024 Retromobile event.

After 45 years of development and meticulous craftsmanship, this project stands as a testament to real dedication in preserving automotive history, from it’s inception with Bryan Wingfield - to the present build by JD Classics.

The Jaguar XJ13, originally crafted by Jaguar Cars in 1966 as a contender for the Le Mans 24-hour race, is celebrated as the pinnacle of elegant race car design. The "True Spirit of XJ13" from JD Classics faithfully embodies the grace and precision of the original, maintaining the pure lines conceived by the legendary factory aerodynamicist Malcom Sayer.

At the heart of this automotive marvel lies a very rare genuine 1966 Jaguar manufactured Prototype V12 racing engine, one of only six built and developed by Jaguar for the XJ13 Project, designed to conquer Le Mans. With a 5-litre capacity and twin camshafts per bank, this engine, in its highest tuning, produced over 500 BHP, showcasing the true spirit of racing excellence. This is believed to be the only original XJ13 Prototype Engine in the world remaining, apart from, of course the Factory Car.

What sets the "True Spirit of XJ13" apart is the incredible attention to detail. Modern 3D scanning of the Factory Jaguar XJ13, was employed at JD Classics to create a CAD computer model, from which a precision "egg-crate" buck was CNC machined. JD’s expert craftsmen then meticulously hand-wheeled aluminium panels, ensuring an indistinguishable appearance to the Factory XJ13.

Every aspect, from the instrument panel to the spacing of rivets in the body construction, has been faithfully recreated, showcasing the dedication of the highly skilled team at JD Classics. The road wheels are identical to those of the Factory car, and even the front suspension mirrors that of the Jaguar E-Type from the Factory XJ13.

Derrick White, the brilliant engineer behind the XJ13, initially envisioned an advanced independent rear suspension system. While financial constraints at Jaguar in the mid-1960’s led to compromises in the original design, the JD Classics "True Spirit of XJ13" corrects this by adopting a period correct monocoque, derived from the Le Mans winning Ford GT40, with a state-of-the-art rear suspension arrangement as Derrick White intended thereby enhancing the car's drivability without compromising its original spirit.

The "True Spirit of XJ13" is a celebration of racing heritage, offering spectators at the JD Classics Stand at Retromobile a unique journey back to the glorious days of 1960s race cars.

This faithful recreation, with its stunning precision, will undoubtedly leave race car enthusiasts in awe and wonder. JD Classics invites all attendees to experience the unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship of the "True Spirit of XJ13" at the 2024 Retromobile event.

There will be a Book titled "The True Spirit of XJ13", written by Robert Perry providing a comprehensive account of this remarkable build. The narrative delves into its origins as a creation by Bryan Wingfield, its tenure in the renowned Walter Hill Collection in the US and its role as a showcased car at Jaguar North America events. The book also traces the captivating journey of the "True Spirit of XJ13"  through its incredible evolution at JD Classics.

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