We are delighted to announce the upcoming release of this exclusive and very special Limited Edition Book on our exceptional ‘True Story of XJ13’ build.

Expertly written and researched by Robert Perry and featuring the full build process, clarification of many myths and facts on the XJ13 story and showing many incredible ‘never seen before’ photographs. 

With only 500 copies being printed, this book is a fascinating insight and a must for automotive enthusiasts and fans of Jaguar, XJ13 and British Automotive History. 

“The extraordinary story behind the ‘True Spirit of XJ13’.

Told for the first time - a fascinating journey spanning over 45 years of design, passion, love, craftsmanship and unwavering determination in the perfect restoration of an automotive legend. 

This book unveils the remarkable story behind the rebuild of the True Spirit of XJ13 and its original XJ13 prototype V12 4 Cam engine. 

The body has been meticulously crafted using a 3D scan of the original factory XJ13, ensuring precise accuracy in every curve. 

Discover the intrigue of the only original certified prototype X1J13 engine in the world, apart from the one in the museum. Explore the fascinating tale of this iconic vehicle - a must read for automotive enthusiasts everywhere”. 

The book is dedicated to the late Bryan Wingfield.

Hardback - 248 Pages

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Front Cover

Back Cover