Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Bentley La Sarthe Build:

  • What is the Bentley 'La Sarthe' Coupe?

    • The Bentley La Sarthe is a limited-edition luxury sports car produced by Bensport and distributed by JD Classics. Manufactured to customer's specific requirements, La Sarthe is an opportunity to own a beautifully built, bespoke classic car. We have made some careful and sympathetic improvements to the car's original 1950s engineering, making La Sarthe a pleasure in modern traffic. The aluminum body is hand built, using traditional techniques, by the finest craftsmen. All work is carried out in-house in our facilities in Essex & Somerset, England. Sitting on its unmodified original 1953-1954 Bentley R-Type chassis, 'La Sarthe' is a true 1950's grand tourer, and can be placed alongside the most elegant coach built cars ever created. 


  • How many units of the La Sarthe 'Coupe' will be produced?

    • JD Classics has announced that only 10 units of the 'La Sarthe' Coupe will be produced, making it an exclusive, collectible and rare vehicle. 'La Sarthe' is considered a sound investment as well as a prized addition to any collection.


  • Is the Aluminium body truly hand-built?

    • Yes absolutely! Each body takes us over 2000 hours to make by hand. Once built, we paint the body with 7 layers of paint for the ultimate finish!


  • What is the inspiration behind the La Sarthe design?

    • The La Sarthe draws inspiration from Bentley's Racing Heritage and the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Its design elements reflect the spirit of endurance racing matched with luxury!


  • What is the price of the Bentley La Sarthe?

    • Contact JD Classics for a Price List and available bespoke options.


  • Is the 'Bentley La Sarthe', available in Left Hand Drive (LHD)?

    • Yes - your bespoke 'La Sarthe', can be built on either an original RHD or a LHD Chassis - in either Manual or Automatic transmission.


  • Is the La Sarthe a road-legal car?

    • Yes, the Bentley La Sarthe is fully road legal.


  • Can I customize my La Sarthe?

    • Yes, we offer customization options for the La Sarthe, both from our specified options list and we are also happy to work with you on any bespoke personlised requests.. Buyers can personalize various aspects, such as interior trims, colour schemes, upholstery materials, and more, to create a bespoke vehicle.


  • When will the Bentley La Sarthe be available for purchase?

    • JD Classics are now taking orders for the Bentley 'Le Sarthe' Coupe.


  • Is the 'La Sarthe' Coupe a good investment?

    • Of course, we think so - but this is what respected Autocar Magazine has to say 'one day, examples of this stunning vision of what a Bentley Le Mans racer of the early 1950s might have looked like will find their way into the world’s exclusive showrooms and concours events and their story into the history books.'


  • Will you be making a 'La Sarthe' EV?

    • Yes! We are in discussions with 2 clients at the moment and these are due to be finalised shortly.

La Sarthe Coupe

Thank you for your interest! We will continue to add frequent customers questions to this FAQ.