With the US election all but over (lawsuits not withstanding!) and talk of an effective COVID vaccine on the near horizon, we’re now picking up that our customers, friends and the industry in general feel that there’s a light at the end of the dark tunnel that has been 2020.

So much so that, with an expectation that the ability to travel safely internationally will soon be restored, we’ve had a lot of enquires about the Woodham Mortimer Mille Miglia event package that we’ve run for the last 10 years (this year notwithstanding).

WM has an enviable history at the event. Running 10 customer cars fully supported by the WM Racing Team, not one of our meticulously prepared MM qualifying cars has failed to finish the gruelling and exciting 1000 miles on the demandingly beautiful Italian roads.

We all know the platitudes… ‘life’s too short not to…’, ‘it’s on my bucket list’, and the best one of all, ‘Carpe diem!’  So, we’re contacting all our customers to offer the last remaining places we have secured for the 2021 Mille Miglia on a first come, first served deposit basis.  Obviously, should the event be cancelled we can either carry over to 2022 or refund deposits as necessary.

Completing the MM has always added provenance to a car’s value and in 2021 we’ll have a newly restored and race prepared XK120 with an entry for the MM.  Please speak to Danny Pavitt about this car.

We’re here to support all of our customer’s ambitions in motorsport, race preparation, Concours or just simple maintenance and we look forward to an exciting MM 2021 and a return to the very best of classic motoring.